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"Fire a Ki Blast that explodes when it hits! You can fire up to 8 blasts with additional input!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in-game description

Super Donut Volley is a rapid fire variation of the Galactic Donut technique used by Gotenks in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


The user creates and fires volley of up to eight energy rings in quick succession that explode on contact.

Game Appearances

Super Donut Volley was named and first appeared in Xenoverse 2 as one of Gotenks Super Skills which can be obtained by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) as a reward in Parallel Quest 55: "Tag with Gotenks".[1]


  • This technique's depiction in Xenoverse 2 resembles a rapid fire version of Turles' Kill Driver technique.
  • Though its Super Skill is named Super Donut Volley, Gotenks himself refers to it as Rapid Fire Super Donuts when performing the technique in battle (at least in the english localization).


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