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The Super Dragon Balls (スーパードラゴンボール, Sūpā Doragon Bōru) are a set of seven planet-sized Dragon Balls created by the Ryujin, Zalama.


The Super Dragon Balls are the original set of Dragon Balls, created by Zalama in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. These Dragon Balls are the size of planets and their star marks remain the same no matter from what angle one looks at them, which was patented a year later. Each ball has a diameter of about 37,196.2204 kilometers (which means they are almost three times larger than Earth). To summon the Dragon of the Gods, you must chant, "Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!" in the language of the gods. After a wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered throughout both Universes 6 and 7. Granting a wish drains the Super Dragon Balls of their light, and in order to grant another wish, one must wait the lifespan of a cockroach (one year's time).

Super Dragon Balls

The Super Dragon Balls above the Nameless Planet

By the time of the Universe 6 Saga, Champa has gathered six of the Super Dragon Balls and is looking for the last one in Universe 7, which makes Beerus angry due to his snooping inside his Universe. The balls Champa has obtained are held above the Nameless Planet. If Champa won the tournament, he would use them to switch the Earths of their universes. If Beerus won, Champa would hand over the six he has gathered. Bulma and Jaco visit Zuno to learn the location of the final Dragon Ball. However, their questions have been used up and are requested to return in a year. The six Super Dragon Balls Champa had were transported to the Nameless Planet by Vados.

After the Universe 6 and Universe 7 tournament, it is revealed that the Nameless Planet is the final Super Dragon Ball. Immediately afterwards, the Super Dragon Balls are used by Team Universe 7 because of being the victors of the tournament. Whis summons the dragon, Super Shenron in the language of the gods. When it is time to make a wish, Beerus wishes for Universe 6's Earth to be revived, however when Bulma asks Beerus what he wished for, Beerus simply answers that he asked for a more comfortable bed, not wanting to get too personal on his and his brother's relationship. The balls are then scattered throughout Universes 6 and 7 once more.

Future Zamasu at some point in time, used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for an immortal body and another Zamasu in his timeline used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku to become Goku Black. They later travel one year later using the Time Ring, wishing to destroy the Super Dragon Balls in Future Trunks's timeline to keep people from reverting their wishes.


  • "Super Dragon Balls" was also the name of the Black Star Dragon Balls in the German dub of the Dragon Ball GT anime.



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