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Directory: TechniquesDefensive techniques

Super Flexible Body (超柔軟ボディ) is an innate ability that causes the user's body structure to be incredibly stretchy and flexible. The ability is primarily used by the alien race known as Jigglers.


This ability is first seen when Goku attempts to destroy Buyon with a Kamehameha. Buyon, however, deflects the attack with his rubbery belly. In this instance, Goku is only able to destroy the monster once exposing him to the cold.

Thanks to his fat and flexible body, Misokatsun also has the ability to stop and/or bounce back his opponents' attacks, much in the same way as Buyon.

Misokatsun deflects Master Roshi's Kamehameha when the latter faces the Bio-Warriors in Wheelo's fortress. He is also unaffected by Goku's punches and kicks. However, it does not stop Goku to kill Misokatsun when he punches through him using a Kaio-ken as an impulse.



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