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Super Giant-Form (超巨身術 Chō Kyoshin Jutsu, lit. "Super Giant Skill") is the maximum sized Great Namekian form, a power used by the Demon Clan.[1]


The Super Giant-Form is considerably larger than the previous Giant transformation. When Piccolo uses this form, Goku takes advantage of Piccolo's gargantuan size in order to retrieve Kami, causing Piccolo to realize the flaws of the form and thus return to his base form.

Lord Slug also used this form against Goku, with more success. He was able to grab Goku and almost crush him, but Piccolo ordered Gohan to whistle. Namekians are sensitive to whistling; it normally causes them discomfort, but with Slug's enlarged ear drums, the whistling caused him immense pain.

Dark Giant

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Super Giant Slug (merged with Earth)

Dark Super Giant Slug merged to the Earth

In the Dark Empire Saga of Dragon Ball Heroes, after merging with the Six-Star Dark Dragon Ball, Slug is forced to undergo a dark evolution due to Towa. Lord Slug takes on the Dark Giant version of the Super Giant form, gaining a dark energy from his head and back, and merging with the Earth itself.