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Super Knee Uppercut (超膝アッパーカット, Chōhizaappākatto) is a diving knee attack used by Tien Shinhan in Dragon Ball.


First, Tien flies high into the air, and as he descends back down to the ground at a high speed, he breaks his opponent's leg with his knee, causing an extreme amount of damage.

Tien uses his attack to brutally finish off his fight against Yamcha in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament by breaking his leg while Yamcha is unconscious.

Piccolo Jr. uses a very similar attack to break both of Goku's legs during the final fight of the 23nd World Martial Arts Tournament. However, in contrast to Tien's version, Piccolo uses both knees instead of only one, thus allowing him to break the two legs of his opponent.

Appearances in games

Super Knee Uppercut was named in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, where Tien finishes the attack with an uppercut to the opponent's stomach.