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Super Mira is a powerful transformation that can be undertaken by a Demon-Saiyan hybrid thanks to their Saiyan DNA, though thanks to their Demon DNA it is not a conventional Super Saiyan.

Runaway state


Runaway Mira

The "Runaway" state is the antecedent to the Super Mira form, undertaken in the lead up to the transformation as a midpoint between the base and Super Mira forms.

Usage and power

The only users of the "Super Mira" state are Mira himself and his fusion with Dabura. In order to take on the Super Mira form he had to first become angry enough to take on a "Runaway" state in-between his base and Super Mira states, and upon fully snapping in his Runaway form he transformed into Super Mira.


Mirabura in the Super Mira form

The form appears in Chapter 1 of Dark Demon Realm Mission, where Mira uses it during the Dark Demon Realm Saga due to snapping at losing control over the Masked Saiyan. As Super Mira, he is capable of fighting against both Super Saiyan Future Trunks and Xeno Bardock for a brief period of time, but is overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

Video game appearances

The Runaway Mira and Super Mira forms debut in Dragon Ball Heroes.

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