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Kale's unique Super Saiyan form is a transformation gained through mastery of the Super Saiyan (Berserk) form.


Super Saiyan GirlBroly

Art of Kale in her unique Super Saiyan form

In this form, the user becomes noticeably taller and likewise their musculature increases in mass and definition, but not nearly as much as the Super Saiyan (Berserk). This form is overall similar to Broly C-type Super Saiyan form, with her hair taking on a yellowish green tint. However, the aura retains the untinted golden hue of a typical Super Saiyan transformation.

Usage and Power

This form was noted by Caulifla to possess perfect energy control.

Kale gained this form when rather than feeling self loathing she felt a greater desire to become better due to Caulifla's belief in her even in a dire situation, granting her control over her formerly Berserk form and also gaining this transformation. Kale utilized this form in battle with Kahseral's team of Pride Troopers, attaining it to break out of Cocotte's Cocotte Zone. She then uses it alongside Caulifla to clash with the Pride Troopers, before powering up into Super Saiyan (Berserk).


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