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Super Vanishing Beam (スーパー失われつつあるビーム) is a more powerful version of the Vanishing Beam used by Super Buu.


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Piccolo and Gotenks staring at the Super Vanishing Beam

Super Buu uses this technique against Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. Gotenks had used his Volley Ball attack on Super Buu and spiked him deep into the ground. While in the crater Super Buu held his hand up in a fashion identical to his Human Extinction Attack, Super Buu unleashes an enormous pink beam that fills the entirety of the crater and blasts up into space narrowly missing Gotenks who had been peering down into the crater.

Appearances in games

Wonder Majins can use the Super Vanishing Beam in the computer game Dragon Ball Online.