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Supervillain is form that places a targeted individual under mind control and greatly increases their power and evil intent. It was developed by Towa to act as a successor to Villainous Mode. The form shaves off the individuals life in exchange for power and then continually increases their power as long as they remain in the state.


This transformation causes the user's aura to change to white and black. A more enhanced version of the form also causes their eyes to become pure red, and they gain marks under their eyes identical to those of Demigra, albeit black instead of red.

This transformation causes the user's body color to change to a shade of white, and their eyes to glow a hot pink color. They also gain the Time Breakers' broken infinity symbol on their forehead, as well as a black and white aura.


In the game's story mode, several characters during the story take on Supervillain Mode, with their power increasing dramatically as the battle goes on. The enhanced version of the form is playable. The characters can undergo the transformation in multiple ways, one of which is to eat the tainted Fruit from the Tree of Might planted in the Demon Realm as Turles and Lord Slug did. The other method is for them to receive the damage energy that had been collected, this is how Mira underwent this form.

There are two different stages for the Supervillain mode.

  • The First Stage see's the targeted individual take on a white and black aura with glowing hot pink eyes, throughout the length of the fight.
  • The Second Stage see's the targeted individual's body change color to a white and blueish hue, they have glowing hot pink eyes and a pink time breaker symbol on their foreheads.


During the events on Namek, Turles and Slug are forced to team up to combat the Future Warrior, they eat a piece of Fruit of the Tree of Might from the Demon Realm causing them to undergo the Villainous Mode transformation. As the fight wages on the two soon realize that Towa has tainted the fruit and undergo a transformation into Supervillain Mode which grants them greatly increased strength at the cost of it sapping their life force. Despite the boost in power they are soon killed by the might of the Future warrior and Future Trunks.

Broly and Janemba are the first shown in this enhanced state, where Broly uses it to try and interfere in the fight between Goku & Majin Vegeta, then Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu and Janemba uses it to try and stop Vegeta escaping Hell. Kid Buu then uses it in the final battle against him. After the initial round of battle against them, Frieza and Metal Cooler both use the form together. Finally, Mira uses it in the finale of the game after overheating his limiter.

Outside of the main story, Yamcha obtains this state in a Parallel Quest after he is defeated in the imperfect Supervillain form causing Yamcha's power to skyrocket to the point he can easily overpower Gohan, Piccolo, and Tien. Omega Shenron and Super Perfect Cell obtain the use of this form in Expert Missions.


First Stage


Future Android 16 in First Stage

Second Stage

TB Meta Cooler

Supervillain Metal Cooler


  • It is possible for the victim to realize they are being manipulated and resist mentally even as their body fights against their will such as when Gohan, Goten, and Kid Trunks take on this state in "Parallel Quest 81: "Wake Up!".
  • In certain Parallel Quests and Expert Missions, users/victims will bulk up briefly before returning to normal then powering up to their Imperfect Supervillain state. This usually occurs once the enemy has received enough damage or revived after being KO'd.