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"Wait a second, you're the one that escaped from Mamba! Good, I'm glad you escaped! Now I don't have to share you with anyone!"
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Susha (ゲットー, Gettō) is a villain appearing in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. He is an amphibian-like warrior who catches up with Goku Jr. and Puck.


A Hero's LegacyEdit

Main article: Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Susha Jumping Out of the Bushes

Susha jumping out of the bushes

Susha, alongside Mamba and Torga, bring Goku Jr. and Puck to a mysterious house in the hopes of eating them. When Susha tries to swallow Goku Jr., he powers up, sending him sky-high. After Goku Jr. becomes a Super Saiyan and defeats Lord Yao, Susha and the other monsters frantically run away.

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit

Susha First Scene

Susha turning back into his original form

Voice actorsEdit


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