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"I feel it...Everyone, lend me your power! Here goes, everyone! We'll defeat Zamasu!"
— Future Trunks forging the Sword of Hope

Sword of Hope[1] (ホープソード Hōpu Sōdo) is a powerful energy blade utilized by Future Trunks in his Super Saiyan Anger form.


When the hopes and energies of everyone is gathered like a Spirit Bomb, Trunks then absorbs the power into his body — causing his Light Sword to become far larger and more powerful with his ki embedded.

Usage and Power

SSI Future Trunks Genki Sword

Future Trunks wielding the Sword of Hope on the cover of Super volume 5

Future Trunks utilizes this technique to beat back Fused Zamasu, breaks his Violent Fierce God Slicer, and then finishes him with the Final Hope Slash.

While Future Trunks does not use this state in the manga version of the storyline, he does appear in it on the alternate cover for The Decisive Battle! Farewell, Trunks!.



SS Anger Future Trunks impaling Grotesque Zamasu with the Sword of Hope from Across Time in Xenoverse 2

  • Sword of Hope from Across Time - A stronger version used by Future Trunks in the Warrior of Hope Saga in Xenoverse 2. Feeling Future Trunks desire to protect the integrity of the future through the rift in timespace ironically created previously by Goku Black using his Time Ring and Sickle of Sorrow, Present Piccolo, Present Gohan, Future Gohan, Teen Future Trunks, Xeno Trunks, GT Trunks, GT Goku, and Pan all give their energy from their eras to Future Trunks' Spirit Bomb which Future Trunks channels into his Light Sword to create a stronger Sword of Hope which he uses to clever Fused Zamasu (who's strength was apparently greater due to his Supervillain power-up) in two destroying Grotesque Fused Zamasu's body restoring the original timeline.

Video Game Appearances

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Future Trunks wielding the Sword of Hope in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2 it appears as an Ultimate Skill for the Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Super) and the Future Warrior under the name Sword of Hope after the 1.07.00 Update.[2] DBS Future Trunks' can use it in his Capsule Corp. Clothes 3 skillset which appears as part of the 1.07.00 Update and can be obtained by the Future Warrior by purchasing it from the TP Medal Shop for 300 TP Medals after the update.[2]

"Wield a large Ki sword. Attack with Weak Attack Button, Strong Attack Button, Ki Blast Button, and Jump Button, and move with Control Stick."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Skill description
DBXV2 Future Warrior (1.07.00 Update) Sword of Hope (Ultimate Skill)

Future Warrior using Sword of Hope's Weak Attack in Xenoverse 2

The skill acts similar to the Power Pole Pro transformation in function, though as it is an Ultimate Skill it can be used with in conjunction with Awoken Skill transformations such as Future Trunks' Super Saiyan 2 and any of the Future Warrior's transformations that do not overwrite (Purification or Become Giant) or prevent skills from being used (Power Pole Pro). However Awoken Skills must be activated before the Sword of Hope Ultimate Skill is used, as other skills become locked when it is activate. While the Sword of Hope is activated the user's ki drains causing the attack to end when the user is out of ki.

Certain button input will result in different sword attacks:

  • Weak Attack Button input - Causes the user to perform three sword slashes and acts as the standard attack for the Sword of Hope.
  • Strong Attack Button input - Results in a forward thrusting sword charge. Due to the forward charge it doubles as a forward dash attack for the Sword of Hope.
  • Ki Blast Button input - The user performs a 360 whirlwind slash which is useful when surrounded by multiple opponents allowing it to double as a both an offensive and defensive move.
  • Jump Button input - Cause the user to attack with the Final Hope Slash which automatically causes the user to sheath the Sword of Hope after completing the attack, ending the skill, thus effectively functions as the Sword of Hope's finishing attack.
  • Ultimate Skill slot input - If the user inputs the assigned button command of the Ultimate Skill slot that Sword of Hope is assigned to while it is active then the user will sheath the Sword of Hope ending the technique. Can be used to end the technique without attacking.
DBXenoverse2- Sword of Hope

Super Saiyan Anger Future Trunks using Sword of Hope from Across Time to perform Final Hope Slash against Grotesque Zamasu in Xenoverse 2

In the Warrior of Hope Saga, Future Trunks creates an even stronger version of the Sword of Hope using energy given to him by Present Gohan, Present Piccolo, Future Gohan, Teen Future Trunks, GT Trunks, GT Goku, Pan, and Xeno Trunks through the rift in timespace ironically created earlier by Goku Black's misuse of the Time Ring in conjunction with his Sickle of Sorrow. According to Elder Kai, this energy was necessary in order to kill Grotesque Zamasu who is implied to be stronger due to the Supervillain power-up he had received when he first fused. Chronoa surmises that everyone sent their energy after feeling his desire to protect the integrity of the future. As it contained energy from two incarnations of Gohan, three incarnations of Trunks, Super Namek Piccolo, GT Goku, and Pan the sword is implied to have been much stringer than it was in the original history as their energies combined with the remaining Earthlings in Future Trunks' timeline. However this could not have occurred had Goku Black not created the rift through his misuse of the Time Ring which even Elder Kai notes is quite the ironic twist.



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