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Synthesizer (シンセサイザー星人 Shinsesaizā Hoshibito, "Alien from Planet Synthesizer") is a two-headed alien who is a boss in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu. He is the only enemy in the game who is not a Mutated Namek.



Goku vs. Synthesizer

Synthesizer is first seen attacking Penguin Village using a ship similar to King Nikochan's spaceship, where he is defeated by Goku. After defeating him, Goku finds the Five-Star Dragon Ball. Synthesizer later reappears as a regular enemy in the game.

His techniques are the Omega Fist (オメガ拳 Omega Ken) and the Black Hole Wave (ブラックホール波 Burakku Hōru Ha).

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