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The Taitans

Taitans is the professional baseball team from West City[1] that Yamcha played for. They appear in the Dragon Ball Z episodes "A New Friend" and "Krillin's Proposal", but are not seen nor mentioned in the original Dragon Ball manga.



The Taitans (Garlic Jr. Saga)

The Taitans are coached by Freddy Hein. Yamcha joined the team after giving up fighting due to the end of the World Martial Arts Tournaments as a result of Piccolo destroying the arena during his fight with Goku. The Taitans are seen playing against the Rockets team, the defending champions, one year before Vegeta and Nappa's arrival on Earth. Yamcha joined the team again after being resurrected after Frieza's defeat on Namek.

The Taitans were still at least known of during the Majin Buu Saga; while mocking Gohan's Great Saiyaman outfit, a criminal asked him if the antennas on the helmet got the Taitan's game.[1]

Known Members


FB IMG 1467887132356

Namekian Future Warrior wearing Yamcha's Baseball Uniform in Xenoverse 2



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