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Take Back the Temple! Krillin's Tearful Homecoming is chapter 1 of the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. It covers the game's missions 1 and 2, and depicts some of the events of Krillin's training during the three years before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.


East City

Krillin arriving at East City

The chapter begins with Krillin arriving at East City, dressed in his casual attire and with the purpose of visiting Orin Temple, partially because he wants to apologize to the bullies he beat up at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

Orin Temple

The defeated members of Orin Temple

After exploring East City for a while, Krillin finally comes to Orin Temple. To his surprise, he finds the temple has been attacked, and the students and master lay beaten on the ground. Still conscious, Krillin's former master says that a fighter appeared and defeated Orin Temple for glory and then ran off into Bump Forest. Switching to his Turtle School uniform, Krillin promises his former master that he will avenge the attack on the temple and runs into the Bamboo Forest to track down the fighter.

Krillin vs Paopao

Paopao versus Krillin

After running through the forest battling Betrayers of the temple as well as other enemies, Krillin comes to a large bridge on which he confronts the temple attacker, whom he is surprised to see is a woman named Paopao. After doubting whether or not he should kit a woman, Krillin is forced to defend himself when Paopao surprise attacks him.

Krillin Orin Temple

Krillin leaving Orin Temple

After being defeated, Paopao reveals that she only attacked Orin Temple for people to notice her, due to her history of being overshadowed by her sister. Krillin tells her to train harder so that they may have a rematch in the future, explaining that he too was overshadowed by his peers in Orin Temple until he focused his anger into training. Paopao thanks him, and returns to him the Orin Temple Sign. Krillin returns to Orin Temple, to his former master's surprise, and is congratulated by one and all as to what a splendid fighter he has turned into. After spending the night, he leaves the next day having succeeded in proving himself to former master and peers at Orin Temple.

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