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Tik and Takk are a time measuring unit used to describe an amount of time. These units were introduced in Dragon Ball Super by the Great Priest during the Universe Survival Saga.

Time Measurement

In the manga, the Great Priest informs Goku when he is at Zen-Ohs Palace that the Tournament of Power will begin in 5 Tik, the equivalent of 40 hours on Earth.

At the conclusion of the Zen Exhibition Match, the Great Priest explains the rules for the upcoming Tournament of Power. Among other things, it is revealed that the tournament itself will be a Battle Royale in the World of Void with a time limit of 100 Takk. Whis later explains to Goku and the rest of the gang that the given time limit is equivalent to approximately 48 minutes on planet Earth.


  • Due to the fact that Whis explained that 100 Takk is approximately 48 minutes on Earth, it is possible to calculate that the time frame of a single Takk is about 28.8 seconds, 29 rounded up.
    • Likewise 5 Tik being the equivalent of 40 hours means that 1 Tik is the equivalent of 8 hours on Earth.

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