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"That solves that problem. I like my job."
Tambourine after defeating Goku.

Tambourine Attacks! (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!!, Pikkoro Daimao no Kyofu!!) is the second episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred third episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on March 2, 1988.



A young King Piccolo, as seen in one of Master Roshi's flashback

Goku catches up with the murderer of Krillin. The killer is a demon named Tambourine, who gladly tells Goku about how he had killed Krillin for the Dragon Ball and a list of fighters in the martial arts society. Tambourine beats up Goku, by blasting a Mouth Energy Wave at the Flying Nimbus, causing Goku to fall into the woods. Tambourine then attacks Goku again, until Goku is no longer conscious. He continues back to King Piccolo thinking Goku is dead. Meanwhile, back at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the gang decides to go back to Kame House with Krillin's dead body.


King Chappa and his students killed by Tambourine

When Tambourine gets back to Pilaf's Airship, King Piccolo tells him to post the martial arts society pictures on the wall. King Piccolo commands Tambourine to go and kill the entire martial arts society to make sure no one can use the Evil Containment Wave to trap him again. Tambourine goes and kills King Chappa and his students at King Chappa's Temple, and Pamput during one of his kick-boxing matches just as Pamput beats his 20th straight opponent. The episode ends on a suspenseful note with Goku laying unconscious on the forest floor.


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