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Team Universe 3 is a team presented by Mosco, Ea and Campari with the gathering of the strongest warriors from Universe 3, in order to participate in the Tournament of Power


Narirama's Ultimate Survival Mode, was a problem during the first minute of the tournament, knocking around everyone it came in contact with. However, Hit's Time Skip, and Basil's Legwork make quick work of both his arms.

Nigrisshi attempted a sneak attack against Cabba, using his invisibility power, but was easily taken out by Cabba, who knocked him out of the arena.

Later, after only his core remains Hit gives him the option to fall off or be knocked off, when Narirama attempts to fire an energy beam from his core. Hit's Time Skip simply allows him to flick him away as the blast's recoil knocks it off the platform.

The Preecho is caught off guard by Master Roshi's Thunder Shock Surprise, paralyzing him, while Tien Shinhan knocked him off the platform with his Neo Tri-Beam.

Maji Kayo attacks the remaining members of Team Universe 11, however he is knocked out of the arena by Jiren.

During his fight with Vegeta, Katopesla is knocked out of the arena by Gamisaras.



  • Most of the team are named after Italian dishes.
  • This is the only team taking part in the Tournament of Power not to have any female members.


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