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Tenshinhan's Secret Move! (天津飯自信の必殺技! Tenshinhan Jishin no Hissatsu Waza!, lit. "Tenshinhan's Confident Special Move!") is the one hundred seventy-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the conclusion of the episode Goku Gains Speed and the first half of the episode "The Four Faces of Tien".


The cover of this chapter shows Goku, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, Yamcha and Chiaotzu riding in a car. This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1.


Tien Shinhan looks down and can not believe Goku has his obi. Even Piccolo, who is watching the battle from the top of a roof, remarks that Goku is fast. Tien Shinhan says Goku went so fast even his own eyes could not see, however, he has not lost this match yet. He tells Goku about his great sure-to-kill technique, but Goku hands him back his obi first. Tien Shinhan freaks out and pulls his pants back up, and Goku asks if this will be the Kikōhō again. Tien Shinhan says the Kikōhō is too dangerous, for the both of them.

Tien Shinhan says that the technique he is about to use does not take as much power as Kikōhō, either, and tells Goku it is also absolutely unavoidable. His three eyes are not enough to catch Goku's movements. However, with twelve eyes, nothing could escape his view. Tien Shinhan folds his arms in front of himself, and then splits into two and then those two split, making a total of four Tien Shinhans.

Goku says this is not Zanzōken, all of them are real. They all four say this is Shishin no Ken, and then they split up with each standing in one corner of the ring. Goku wonders what he will do, and each of the four Tiens fire Ki Blasts at Goku. Goku jumps up into the air, and so the Tiens fire eye blasts up at him and they all hit. One of the Tiens tells Goku he should give in, but Goku says he would not since he has already discovered two weak points in Tien's technique. Up on the roof, Piccolo thinks it is Goku's win for sure.





Volume 15: The Titanic Tournamment
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