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The Dizzying Deception and the Daring Escape! Defeat the Android Cell! (Escape Tactic, Taiyoken! Chase after the Artificial Human, Cell!) is the seventieth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date was August 29, 2010. Its American air date was July 6, 2011.



Cell uses the Solar Flare

Sensing that he has defeated Piccolo, Cell explains that he was created from the cells of the greatest warriors, which includes Piccolo's, Goku's, Vegeta's, Frieza's and King Cold's, as a project started by Dr. Gero and continued for twenty years by Dr. Gero's Super Computer. Cell furthermore reveals that by absorbing Android 17 and Android 18, he will achieve his "perfect form". With the androids destroyed in his own timeline, he was forced to travel to the present one in Trunks' Time Machine.

Having learned Cell's identity and intentions, Piccolo regenerates his arm and prepares to attack. At this point, Future Trunks and Krillin arrive and Cell realizes that he has no chance of winning. He surprises everyone by using the Solar Flare technique, and then flees. Vegeta and Tien arrive, and Piccolo explains everything he has learned.

Meanwhile, Cell heads toward Nicky Town to absorb more people, until his power exceeds that of the androids he needs to absorb to achieve his perfect form.

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