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The Eldest Namek is the fifteenth episode of the Namek Saga and the forty-first episode of the Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.



Vegeta emerges from the water, after nearly getting killed in his battle with Zarbon

Dende takes Krillin to see the eldest Namek. The ancient Namekian leader uses his special power to increase Krillin's potential. Now Krillin will have to prevent the seventh and last Namekian Dragon Ball from falling into Frieza's hands. Meanwhile, one of Frieza's henchmen finds the village Vegeta had attacked, and returns to Frieza's ship to report.


Krillin's potential is unlocked by Guru


"I'll get you for this Zarbon! After i get those Dragon Balls you're going down! words! and when i'm done...i'll take down even Frieza himself!!! (faints)"
— Vegeta (to himself)

"It is I who now possess the POW-ER!"
— Krillin (to himself and Guru)


  • Guru's imminent death is danced around many times in this episode (phrases such as "His time is near," "He's leaving," "I won't be around much longer" are used.)
  • As Orlen flies over the Namek village, there are numerous dead Namekian bodies lying about. They are all painted over in this version.
  • When Orlen zaps a Namekian, smoke is removed, perhaps to indicate the Namekian is still alive.


  • Although it was Appule who was sent out along with Zarbon several episodes prior, it is a different henchman who finds the village. While this may at first seem like a coloring error, the actual Appule reappears back at Frieza's ship in the next episode, and from here on out, unlike in the manga, Frieza has many more spare henchmen.