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The End of Commander Red (レッド総帥死す!!, Reddo Sousui Shisu; lit "Commander Red Dies!!") is the tenth episode of the Commander Red Saga and the sixty-seventh episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on June 24, 1987.



Goku kicks Staff Officer Black

In an attempt to acquire two Dragon Balls, Goku infiltrates the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, where he must face, and destroys most of the army. With time running out, Commander Red refuses to leave or to fight Goku, having Staff Officer Black fight Goku instead. Goku and Black then fight, with Black vowing that he will allow Goku to see the Commander... in pieces.


Staff Officer Black kills Commander Red

Although Black manages to hold his own against Goku, Goku still was the superior fighter, and managed to punch Black out of a window. Unfortunately, Red witnessed the whole fight from within his office and decided to activate a trap ceiling, hoping to kill Goku. Celebrating Goku's death, Commander Red makes preparations for his wish: contrary to what he led his army to believe, it was not about world domination, but in actuality to become taller. Staff Officer Black, having survived and gotten out of his precarious situation, overheard Red's true wish, and confronts Commander Red on it, claiming that it was a selfish wish that had nothing to do with the Red Ribbon Army. Commander Red justifies that the wish will not only make him taller, but also at the same time make his army larger, citing that Black doesn't understand his plans.


Black in his Battle Jacket, fighting with Goku

Black then tells him that Red's lame plan is going to get the Red Ribbon Army killed for nothing. Red then states that he is the Red Ribbon Army, and that his wish to become taller is as good as everyone elses, citing that he had to spend most of his life being a pebble in a land of giants, growing sick of having his genius being confined in a miniscule body. Black denounces him as having no loyalty, and that he sold him out to satisfy his vanity. Red then cites that Black will never become a Commander because he was just a lackey and an errand boy, and he was pathetic for this day and age. Black retaliates by ending the Commander's life, and plans to have the Red Ribbon Army ushered into an era of greatness, with his first order of business to conquer the planet. Goku, revealing that he had survived, is then extended an invitation to join the Red Ribbon Army by Black, which he plans to rename the Black Ribbon Army, but Goku refuses, and they do battle once more. With just Staff Officer Black and few soldiers left, the odds are favored for Goku, but the diabolical Staff Officer has a few tricks up his sleeve.


"Alive? Yes, commander! Sorry to dissapoint you. And I heard every word you said! Do you mean all of this was so that you could gain a few inches!?"
— Staff Officier Black

"It's a selfish goal! It has nothing to do with the Red Ribbon Army!"
— Staff Officier Black

"Your lame plan's gonna get us killed!"
— Staff Officier Black

"I understand that nothing means loyalty to you! You sold me out for your own vanity!!"
— Staff Officier Black


  • In the shot after Goku jumps through the window to confront Staff Officer Black, the sheath of his Power Pole is colored brown.
  • Several times during this episode, Commander Red reverts to his Scottish accent as heard in his early episodes.


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