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The End of Snake Way is the twelfth episode of the edited Saiyan Saga and the twelfth episode of the original Saban dub of the Dragon Ball Z series. It originally aired on January 3, 1997.


Gohan continues to train under Piccolo in the wilderness. At night, Gohan awakens to see a projection of the full moon in the sky, which, combined with his newly regrown tail, triggers his transformation into a Great Ape once again. After failing to gain control over Gohan, Piccolo locates and destroys the source of the projection — Goku's Saiyan space pod — and Gohan reverts to his base form. Piccolo once again removes Gohan's tail to ensure he won't transform again. At Kame House, Bulma, Master Roshi, Oolong and Turtle celebrate their successful collection of all seven Dragon Balls.

Goku finally arrives at the end of Snake Way and lands on King Kai's planet. There, he struggles with the planet's intense gravity, which is ten times that of earth! At first he encounters Bubbles, King Kai's pet/friend, who he initially believes to be King Kai. Goku then asks Bubbles for a fruit from the tree. The first time it goes right through the ground before Goku has a chance to catch it, the second time Bubbles throws one which Goku manages to catch but because of the extreme gravity his hands almost go through the ground. Goku then asks Bubbles to train him and Bubbles begins a strange dance/walk. Goku proceeds to imitate Bubbles' strange stance and movements, under the impression that it is the beginning of his training on the strange new world. After observing Goku for a moment, King Kai reveals himself.


  • Planet Vegeta's gravity is actually close to that of King Kai's planet; hence why when Raditz (earlier in the series), Vegeta and Nappa say that they feel so light on the planet Earth. If Goku was to grow up on Planet Vegeta, hypothetically he could be just as strong if not stronger than Vegeta at this point in the series.
  • This is one of the very few times where an edited version of a dubbed episode has the same title as its eventual uncut counterpart.