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The Evil Masters (知っていたバビディ, Shitteita Babidi; lit. "Bobbidi Knows") is the four hundred forty-seventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Shin and Kibito immediately recognize Babidi and Dabura as they come out of Babidi's spaceship, and realize this job just got a lot more difficult if Babidi has the King of the Demon Realm under his control. After a discussion about Babidi and Dabura, Goku suggests that Krillin withdraw, which Krillin agrees to.

Down below, Spopovich and Yamu hand over the Energy-Suction Device to Babidi. With them having served their purpose, Babidi states that they are no longer needed, and uses his Explosion Sorcery on Spopovich. Spopovich begins to grotesquely swell up, and then explodes. Yamu panics and attempts to flee for his life, but is caught by Pui Pui's shot, destroying him as well.

With Spopovich and Yamu disposed of, Babidi and Dabura turn their attention to the new arrivals, who think they're hidden, but are not. Babidi orders Dabura to go kill the riffraff, then lure the others inside the ship, where they can siphon their energy to resurrect Majin Buu. Pui Pui is about to question Babidi's orders, but Babidi informs him that Dabura can take care of himself, and tells Pui Pui that he can handle Stage One.

Gohan is confused that all of them are going back inside except for Dabura, as is Shin. Vegeta, however, quickly realizes that their presence is known to them, as Dabura charges!

Volume 38: Mark of the Warlock
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