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The Final Trump Card! Goku's Ultimate Spirit Bomb! (これが最後の切り札だ!悟空の特大元気玉 Kore ga Saigo no Kirifuda da! Gokū no Tokudai Genki-Dama, lit. This Is the Last Trump Card! Goku's Extra-Large Genki Dama) is the forty-sixth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. The episode first aired in Japan on February 28, 2010. Its American air date was November 18, 2010. Its Dragon Ball Z counterparts are "Trump Card", "Keep the Chance Alive" and "Power of the Spirit".



Goku gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb

Despite his newly-found confidence, Goku realizes he has no chance against Frieza, who is still using only 50% of his power. At this point, Goku decides it is time to use his ultimate technique: the Spirit Bomb. With very little energy left on Namek to borrow, he decides to borrow power from neighboring worlds as well. Angry because he cannot figure out what Goku is doing, Frieza pummels Goku, who cannot get enough time to create the Spirit Bomb. Taking what little energy Gohan and Krillin have left, Piccolo intervenes to buy Goku more time, but he is also pummeled. Frieza prepares to kill Piccolo as Goku finishes the Spirit Bomb.


  • In the Nicktoons and Toonzai/Vortexx airings of the episode, during the spiritual motivation, Vegeta is given a pair of shorts to wear.


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