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The Finalists are Chosen! (対戦相手決定す!, Taisen Aite Ketteisu!; lit. "The Matchups Are Decided!") is the four hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Having just encountered two unknown beings, Piccolo realizes they're not from Earth, but has no idea where they could be from. Before they can think about it too much, though, Krillin reminds them that the lottery's about to start. They get to the drawing place, where the other fighters, as well as the World Tournament Announcer, is waiting for them.

Goku notes that the two beings from before are the ones to watch out for, but also notices two stressed looking men, as well as the oddly shaped Mighty Mask. With everyone present, the drawing begins:

  • Killa draws #14.
  • Kibito draws #7.
  • Krillin draws #1, putting him in the first match.
  • The Great Saiyaman draws #8, putting him against Kibito. Goku reminds Gohan not to let his guard down.
  • Android 18 draws #9.
  • Shin draws #3.
  • Spopovich, who Goten and Trunks originally confuse for themselves, not knowing the name of the person they knocked out, draws #6.
  • Jewel draws #16.
  • Goku draws #11.
  • Videl draws #5, putting her against Spopovich.
  • Pintar draws #2, putting him against Krillin, much to Krillin's delight.
  • Vegeta draws #12, putting him against Goku, much to his delight.
  • Mighty Mask draws #13, pitting him against Killa.
  • Demon Jr. draws #4, putting him against Shin.
  • The World Tournament Announcer, drawing on Hercule's behalf, draws #10.
  • Yamu draws the last spot, #15, putting him against Jewel.

With the Drawing complete, the first round matches are set:

  • Krillin VS Pintar
  • Shin VS "Demon Jr."
  • Videl VS Spopovich
  • Kibito VS "The Great Saiyaman"
  • Android 18 VS Hercule
  • Goku VS Vegeta
  • Mighty Mask VS Killa
  • Yamu VS Jewel

With the matches set, the Tournament Announcer leads them to the waiting room, explaining the rules as they go. The Tournament Rules, as always, are you lose if you give up, get knocked down for a ten count, fall out of the ring, or kill your opponent. And since there's so many matches this year, each match will have a 30 minute time limit, after which the judges will determine the winner. With all that said, the Adult Division of the World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin!

Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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