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The First Two Fights (クリリンそしてピッコロの闘い, Kuririn Soshite Pikkoro no Tatakai; lit. "Krillin and Piccolo's Fights") is the four hundred thirty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


With the tournament bracket being decided, the World Tournament Announcer shares the bracket with the audience. Yamcha is surprised that Goku and Vegeta will be facing off in the first round. The first fight begins with Krillin versus Pintar. Marron is worried because of how big Pintar is, but Yamcha reassures her that her father is the strongest among humans. Pintar shows off some surprising speed for his size, but makes the mistake of letting Krillin take a free shot at him. Krillin punches him in the gut, slaps his face around, then kicks him out of the ring for an easy out of bounds victory.

With that battle settled, the tournament moves on to Match 2: Shin versus "Demon Jr." The World Tournament Announcer, remembering the last time "Demon Jr." competed in the tournament, asks him not to destroy the arena this time. Piccolo still feels tense, wondering who this "Shin" is. Shin, however, reads Piccolo's mind and tells him he'll found out. Now having a guess of what exactly Shin is, Piccolo immediately forfeits the match. Shin understands, realizing Piccolo used to be the planet's God, and must have sensed who he really was.

Moving right along, the Tournament Announcer announces Match 3: Videl versus Spopovich. Shin, for some reason, glares at Spopovich as they pass one another.



The forfeit of Piccolo

Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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