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The Mysterious Fifth Man (なぞの五人目の男 Nazo no Goninme no Otoko, lit. "A Glimpse at the Mysterious Fifth Man") is the seventh episode of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga and the seventy-fourth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on August 12, 1987.



Spike the Devil Man

Master Roshi briefs the others on the story of Spike's Devilmite Beam. Spike fires his Devilmite Beam on Goku. Goku resists the beam entirely, so Spike fires a stronger Devilmite beam. Goku resists that one entirely as well. Spike then flails a trident at Goku. A mysterious man wearing a fox mask and a halo on his head has been watching Goku closely. Goku almost falls in the Devil's Toilet, but climbs on the other side of the bridge and surprises Spike. Goku finishes Spike with a mighty kick, which slams Spike into the ceiling. After Goku's victory, the final fighter requests to Baba that he and Goku fight outside. Roshi senses some familiarity of the fifth fighter, as the fight begins.


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