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The Mysterious Warrior From Space (謎の異星人戦士, Nazo no Isei-jin Senshi; lit. "The Mysterious Alien Warrior") is the one hundred ninety-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, and the chapter that corresponds to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. It involves Raditz's visit to Earth to meet Kakarot (Goku).


The cover shows a close up shot of Raditz wearing a scouter.


DBC195 02

Raditz arrives on Earth (colored version)

A mysterious pod lands on Earth, crashing into a farmer's field in Spinach Wasteland. The farmer drives over to the crater to inspect the pod, with a rifle in hand. A man in Battle Armor with long, black spiky hair exits the pod, and approaches the farmer. Using the scouter attached to his ear, he learns the farmer has a Power Level of 5, and remarks on the inferior strength of Earthlings. Feeling threatened, the farmer panics, and fires a bullet at the visitor, but the man catches it with ease, and flicks it back at the farmer, killing him instantly. The man's device beeps loudly, detecting a high power level. He flies off towards it, expecting to meet a so-called "Kakarot".

He follows his scouter to a wasteland, and is disappointed to find Piccolo instead. Annoyed with his flippant nature, Piccolo attacks, firing his Explosive Demon Wave, but the mysterious man is unfazed, and begins preparing an attack of his own, stopping when his scouter detects another strong reading. He leaves Piccolo behind, who finds himself paralyzed with fear.

The man flies towards the reading, pondering whether Kakarot has forgotten the "pride of the Saiyan race". In his speech bubble, an image of Goku as a baby is shown, revealing that Kakarot and Goku are one in the same.






Volume 17: The World's Greatest Team
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