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Narrator: Five years have passed since Goku and his friends thwarted the evil King Piccolo's plans for global conquest. Thanks to their heroic efforts, the shadow of doom was lifted from the world, and a new day of hope has dawned. For in the years since Piccolo's defeat, it has been a time of rebuilding, healing, prosperity, and peace for the citizens of Earth...but unknown to them, at this very moment, a new threat to humankind is hurdling through the solar system. And as the mysterious invader makes it's final approach to Earth, one thing is certain... The peaceful era the human race has enjoyed for the last five years is about to come crashing to an end...

[Chi-Chi is heard calling Gohan.]

Chi-Chi:: Gohan! Gohan? It's time to come in. Gohan!

(Goku jumps on the trees)

Goku: This one outta do. (he growls, and he knocks down a tree with his punch)
Chi-Chi: Hey Gohan! Goku, you think you've got enough firewood there?
Goku: (drops the tree bark) Yeah, this should last us a while, don't you think?
Chi-Chi: You're going to hurt yourself one of these days.
Goku: Uh, I'm fine. Where's Gohan?
Chi-Chi: I don't know, but I think you better go find him don't you? You two are suppose to be at Master Roshi pretty soon.
Goku: Oh yeah, that's right.
Chi-Chi: You better take the Flying Nimbus. You don't want to be late for your reunion.
Goku: Okay. (walks off.)Bye, Chi-Chi!
Chi-Chi: Goku, be careful. Oh, I'm going to worry myself to death.

(next scene, we see pink flamingos in a farm, we see a farmer raking.)

Farmer: This job's bigger than I thought. (a pod on the sky is about to fall) What is that? (gets frightened, as his cigarettes drop, as the pod is about to land on the ground as the farmer gets scared, the pod explodes, the farmer groans as his chickens run away.) My gosh, ah yeah, it is, I better go... check it out. Aaaaaaah... Goodness, why me? (he drives his truck and he sees the pod, and he stops.) I better burn my pea shooter. Ugh... aaah... I don't like this. That's no meteor, it's made of steel. What in the world? I'll be darn!

(A farmer sees Raditz come out of a strange pod.)

Raditz: So, the creatures on this planet are still alive. Kakarot has failed us.
Farmer: (holding his shotgun) You're on my property.
Raditz: Is that so? (Raditz checks his scouter) Hmm...your power level is puny. Ha. Level five.
Farmer: Don't you come any closer! Look, I'll use this thing! (the farmer fires his gun) Ahhh!!! Huh?
Raditz: (Raditz catches the bullet) Hmmm...
Farmer: (he screams, as Raditz flicks the bullet right at the farmer, sending him hurling backward and killing him)
Raditz: Heh. What a fragile breed of people. (scouter beeps) I'm picking up a higher power level from over there It must be him! (flies off) Prepare yourself, Kakarot!

(In the forest, we see Gohan lost in the woods, whimpering.)

Gohan: I want my daddy. I wanna go home. (sticks a monkey tail) Daddy!! Daddy!! Uh, anyone? (he begins crying as he walks around in the woods, then he sits in front of the tree stomp, then he sees the mysterious bright light, as the butterfly meets Gohan)Hey Mr. Butterfly!(it flies off) Wait, come back! I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want to look. (butterfly lands on a tree stump.) Aw, come on. You want me to climb up there? Okay! Hmm... (he runs to a tree bark as he jumps) Aaaah! (lands on the bark) Aw... Hold on. (jumps back on the bark)I'm coming. (loses his grip) Say, are you sure there's not an elevator on this thing?

(In the forest, Gohan walks out of the forest.)

Gohan: Uh, hello? Mis- Mister Butterfly? (the bush shakes) Uh. (a jaguar scares Gohan.) AAAAH!
Jaguar: Ahhhhh. Hehehehehe...
Gohan: Nice, kitty. Uhhhh.
Jaguar: Ahhhhhhh.
Gohan: Uhhhh... I know, play dead. (he faints as the jaguar holds Gohan, he licks him as Gohan giggles, he roars, and takes his hat off) Uh... My hat is gone! (starts crying) No! My daddy gave me that hat! (runs off crying, as the jaguar growls, see Gohan crying) My hat! Gaaaaaah! (the jaguar freaks out and runs off with Gohan's hat. Gohan chases him, so he can get back his hat) Give me back my hat! You can't have it! (the jaguar freaks out when Gohan continues running towards him through the bushes, they jump over a rock, the jaguar runs away, as Gohan runs through the bushes, and he falls through a cliff, and he takes a nap)

(The Scene Is Gohan Gets Stuck on a Tree)

Gohan: Whoa. (he walks off, with Goku in the woods)
Goku: Hey, Gohan!!
Gohan: Okay. (he jumps on the two rocks when he is about to lose his balance, now he did it)Mommy! Daddy! (Gohan walks on the river so sad, as he sees a blue bird) Oh well, hello there! You're a pretty bird. (jumps off as he walks on a log as it tumbles)It's nice to meet you. (bird chirps) So, do you have a name? I'm Gohan. (bird flies away) Hey wait! (the log tumbles as it knocks Gohan off it sending him to the water, as he starts to get on the log, losing his grip) Mommy! Daddy! Help me!
Goku: Huh? (he sees Gohan's hat that the jaguar is wearing) Hey you! That hat. (jaguar gets scared) That's Gohan's! It belongs to my son. Have you seen it? (the jaguar growls growls) Where did you get his hat? (jaguar growls again) I said, where did you get it!? (Gohan's hat drops as the jaguar runs off, and the next scene is Gohan is still stuck in a waterfall,the log hits the rock making Gohan drown in the water, when he gets back on the slippery log, as he rises to the waterfall again)
Gohan: Ah, help me!! (we see Goku riding on a cloud finding Gohan)
Goku: Gohan!
Gohan: Mommy! Daddy!
Goku: (sees Gohan) Gohan!
Gohan: (screaming)
Goku: Gohan, can you hear me? (still riding on a cloud) Gohan!?
Gohan: (still stuck on a river with a log) Aaaaaaah!
Goku: Gohan!
Gohan: It's daddy! (lost his grip again, as he grabs on the end of a log)
Goku: Hang on son,I'll be right there! (he gets close to Gohan when he is about to catch him) Just a little farther! Huh? (Gohan gets in the waterfall cave)
Gohan: Daddy!
Goku: Hang on, Gohan! (Goku flies up on a cliff)
Gohan: Heeeeelp! (Goku rides still on a cloud searching for his son, Gohan is still stuck) Daddy! Hurry! It's dark... huh? (he sees the escape tunnel, as he falls through the waterfall) AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Daddy! Help!
Goku: Uh! (the log falls down) Gohan! Gohan! (Goku hears Gohan crying as he lands on a tree branch)
Gohan: Heeeeeelp! I'm stuck!I can't get down! (Goku sees Gohan) Aaaaaah! Huh? (walks and hugs Goku) Waaaaah! Daddy! Thank you, daddy! Oh! I was so scared!
Goku: But, how did you get up here? Well, that's strange.
Gohan: Daddy. I lost my hat. (Goku puts his son's hat back on)
Goku: What? Silly, no you didn't, it's on your head. Now, let's go and get you cleaned up, then you can come with me to meet all my friends at Master Roshi's.
Gohan: Ah!
Goku: That's my boy!

(Raditz flies at the city around with the people, with the boy and his father laughing, the train makes sound with Raditz flying)

Raditz: Ah, miserable little vermin!

(Piccolo stands on a cliff sensing Raditz)

Piccolo: (Piccolo senses Raditz) Uh? Huh? Huh? What is that? I've never felt so much power! Uh...huh...? It can't be Goku, it's too horrible. Huh! Who is that!? (Raditz lands in front of Piccolo)
Raditz: Excuse me for dropping in. I'm trying ta find a man named Kakarot. I thought you were him.
Piccolo: Well you thought wrong. Now turn around and get outta here before I get angry.
Raditz: Someone's having a bad day...
Piccolo: Believe me, you have no idea. Now get lost!
Raditz: [laughing] Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? (Raditz checks his scouter) Power level three hundred and twenty two. I can tell you're not from this planet, but you'd be a fool to attack me...with such an insufficient power. [laughs]
Piccolo: Now, listen to me. You came here. I have no intention of starting a fight.
Raditz: I do.
Piccolo: [growls] Alright, if that's the way he wants it! (Piccolo blasts Raditz) Ha ha. Huh? (Raditz is unscathed)
Raditz: [he laughs] Impressive. You actually managed to singe some of my leg hair.
Piccolo: Uh!?
Raditz: But allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack.
Piccolo: Huh... huh!?
Raditz: It's one of my favorites. I call it a double sunday. Now, see if you can follow this one. (Raditz' scouter indicates another power level) Uh? Well, I guess it's your lucky day green man. (Raditz leaves as the scouter beeps, then he talks to himself) There it is. Just on the edge of my scouter's range. And it's big. It must be the largest power level on this planet. It's Kakarot. This time I'm sure.
Piccolo: (to himself, while breathing hard) I don't believe it. I hit him full force and he didn't even flinch. This guy could be a problem.

(In the sky, Raditz is flying as his scouter beeps)

Raditz: (to himself) Have you forgotten your pride Kakarot. We are Saiyans, the mightiest warriors in the universe. I can still remember the day that we first sent you to this planet as an infant. We had high hopes for you then Kakarot, why have you not carried out your mission? Kakarot!
Narrator: Who is this mysterious Saiyan warrior that now darkens the sky with his presence? His search for the one name Kakarot has already lead into Piccolo, one of the most powerful fighters on Earth. Could it lead him to Goku as well? The answers to this burning questions will soon be revealed, and Goku will discover the secrets of his pasts. Next time on Dragon Ball Z!
[ending and credits]