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The Nightmare Recoome! Come Out and Play, Vegeta! (地獄のリクーム!楽しませろよベジータちゃん Jigoku no Rikūmu! Tanoshimasero yo Bejīta-chan) is the thirtieth overall episode in the Dragon Ball Z Kai series. The episode first aired on November 1, 2009. Its original American air date was July 14, 2010. Its Dragon Ball Z counterparts are "Recoome Unleashed" and "Let the Battle Begin".



It seems as if even Vegeta is not enough to stop the brute!

Vegeta is in awful need of help from his former enemies in order to battle the Ginyu Force. Elsewhere on Namek, Frieza tries to unlock the magic of the Dragon Balls to gain his beloved immortality. Recoome, a "pineapple headed" member of the Ginyu Force, challenges Vegeta, whose efforts just tear the beasts' clothes off. Just as Recoome fires his Eraser Gun, Krillin and Gohan quickly come to Vegeta's aid, destroying Recoome's teeth. Meanwhile, Frieza has gained all seven Dragon Balls from Captain Ginyu but to his surprise, he cannot make his wish. He quickly and angrily realizes that the Dragon Balls require some kind of password or secret word to unlock their power. Glad to see the scouter has found Namekians, Frieza flies off towards Guru's direction. As Frieza's story unfolds, so does the battle in another region of the planet. Gohan decides to take Recoome head on but cannot withstand his power. His neck is brutally broken by Recoome just as a Capsule Corporation spaceship arrives. The ship belongs to none other than our hero, Goku, but is he too late to help? Can the kind Saiyan defeat the elite Ginyu Force after his immense training with 100x Earth's gravity?!

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