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The Other Outcome (もうひとつの結末, Mō Hitotsu no Ketsumatsu; lit. "The Other Outcome") is the four hundred nineteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Dragon-ball-71202 - Copia

Future Bulma welcomes her son Future Trunks

The chapter begins with Future Trunks coming back to his own timeline to meet his mother Future Bulma. She is shocked at how much her son has grown, which causes him to talk about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but Future Bulma asks him how it had go. Future Trunks then tells his mother that Goku died, but Gohan avenged him. Future Trunks then shares his thought about how Vegeta went crazy when Cell killed him with his Full Power Death Beam, which leaves Future Bulma surprised. A radio then announces that the Androids are attacking Parsley City, and Future Trunks decides that it is his cue.


Future Bulma discussing with her son

As Future Trunks races to the scene, Future Android 18 is seen blowing up large portions of the city, and Future Android 17 comments on how she could not beat a video game, which makes her tell Future 17 to shut up. An old man tries to shoot Future 17, but fails. Future 17 then goes to kill the man, until Future Trunks shows up on the scene.

Major Events

  • Future Trunks' returns to his own timeline
  • Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 are killed by Future Trunks


  • In the manga, Future 18 was mad because she could not beat a video game, but in the anime, she was mad because Future 17 killed a boy she thought was "cute".
Volume 35: Death Of A Warrior
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