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The Plot of the Lords (動き始めた作戦, Ugoki Hajimeta Sakusen; lit. "The Plan Goes into Motion") is the four hundred forty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


An update on Videl's condition is given that her wounds are not considered serious. Before the World Tournament Announcer can announce the fourth match, Gohan asks if they can postpone it for a few minutes until Goku returns with the Senzu Beans. The postponement is granted, and Goku returns at that very moment. Gohan grabs one of the beans, gives Kibito a quick apology, then runs to give the bean to Videl.

Despite the doctor and Hercule's objections, Videl eats the bean, and is immediately healed of her injuries. Gohan then runs back to the ring, and they get started with Match 4: Kibito versus "The Great Saiyaman." Unfortunately for Gohan, some of his classmates are in the audience, and recognize Gohan's hair, since he lost his bandana, which blows his secret identity.

Gohan, exposed after realizing that he has lost the bandana and cape, tosses away the sunglasses and gives a sheepish wave to the audience, then turns his attention to Kibito, wondering how he could win the match without giving away his true powers. However, Kibito immediately tells him to turn Super Saiyan. Gohan is taken aback, but Piccolo quickly calls to Gohan, signalling him to do as Kibito says.

Shin then approaches the ones still in the waiting room, telling them to stay put, no matter what happens. Vegeta questions why they should listen to Shin, but Piccolo reveals his identity as the Lord of Lords. Back in the ring, Gohan, realizing he has no choice, begins to power up.


Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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