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The Preliminaries Begin (予選開始, Yosen Kaishi; lit. "The Preliminaries Begin") is the four hundred thirty-first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The reunited Dragon Team, including Goku, Gohan (as the Great Saiyaman), Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 18, Goten, and Trunks, are now on the Tournament Grounds. Goku talks to Krillin about his hair, while Trunks and Goten talk about their respective fathers. Goku suddenly realizes Android 18's with them, and is really taken by surprise when Krillin mentions he's already met his daughter.

A pair of interviewers try to get a word with Vegeta and Piccolo, but they just walk right past. They have somewhat better luck with Goku, who tells him he came from The Afterlife. Piccolo, with a glare, destroys the interviewer's camera.

The Dragon Team gets ready in the locker room, then heads out for the Preliminaries, where they run into another familiar face: the World Tournament Announcer, who's happy to see them finally return to make the Tournament interesting again. After that reunion, he announces the start of the preliminaries, which, apparently this year, instead of preliminary fights, they will instead use a punch machine to ensure fairness. The 15 highest scorers, as well as the current Champion, Hercule, will enter the tournament.

Hercule comes out to give a demonstration punch, showboating for the crowds and the cameras as usual. Piccolo suddenly glares again, destroying all the cameras at once. Gohan questions him about it, but Piccolo answers that, with all the camera's destroyed, he can fight freely without having to worry about compromising his identity should his disguise fall.

Gohan heads off to find his friend, as Hercule decides to do without the photo op and gives the machine a punch, scoring a 137. The Preliminaries begin after that, no one managing to match Hercule's number until Android 18 comes up. Krillin warns her not to hit it too hard, but even her restrained punch scores 774. Thinking it was a malfunction, the Tournament Staff resets the machine, and Android 18 hits it with even more restraint, still scoring a 203.

Krillin throws a restrained punch of his own and scores 192. Goku does the same for a 186, and Piccolo scores a 210. Vegeta shows no restraint whatsoever and completely obliterates the machine with his punch.

Volume 36: The New Generation
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