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Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball...

Mercenary Tao: If I were to pay you, it would make me look weaker.

Tailor: Please, sir. I meant no disrespect. I only ask for what is mine.

Mercenary Tao: Yes. You have made that clear.

Tailor: No no! No no- (Tao pokes the tailor's head with his Pressure Point Attack kills him)

Mercenary Tao: (evil giggle) I believe I made my point.

[Tao falls in to the ground, Goku stands to the ground, wind blows, Mercenary Tao jumps out of the ground with his suit torn off, and the wind blows again]

Mercenary Tao: (enraged) That's the second suit you've destroyed! (growls) Do you have any idea how difficult it's going to be to find another descent tailor!? (growls again)

Goku: You should worry about your fight. Not your looks.

Mercenary Tao: [furious] You dare question my abilities!? Well... Then tase my Dodon ray!

[Goku growls]

Upa: Be careful, Goku!

Goku: Go ahead! I'm ready for you this time!

Mercenary Tao: Dodon...

[growls and takes a blast to Goku, blocks the ray with his hands causing his hands to burn, and Tao freaks out and snot comes out of his first nostrol]

Goku: That burned. [blows his hands]

Mercenary Tao: It's impossible. No one has ever withstood that attack.

Goku: It can't hurt me anymore! Just like my Kamehameha wave didn't work on you last time. I guess we're even.

Upa: Yeah! You did it!

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