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The Road to Super Saiyan is a secret scenario in the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai when you complete the main storyline. These events will follow into Frieza? Or Vegeta?


After the defeat of the Ginyu Force, Gohan and Krillin stole Vegeta's Dragon Balls and wish Piccolo back to life. When the Dragon Balls turn to stone, the gang is surprised to see Frieza. After Frieza and Vegeta fight, Frieza transforms. When Piccolo and Nail combine, Frieza transforms again. When Frieza uses his Crazy Finger Beam, Krillin shoots Vegeta and he was healed by Dende, thinking he is a Super Saiyan.


Vegeta vs. Frieza



  • If you listen carefully after the Dragon Balls turn to stone, Vegeta can be heard saying "Why doesn't anything good happen to me today?!"