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The Saibamen Strike is the seventeenth episode of the Saiyan Saga and the seventeenth overall episode of the original Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.



Nappa and Vegeta, alongside the loyal Saibamen

Tien Shinhan volunteers first to fight one of Nappa's Saibamen. Meanwhile, Yajirobe tells a group of press members lies about Goku and the others being his underlings. Chi-Chi and Ox-King arrive at Kame House, and Chi-Chi faints when she hears that Gohan is still with Piccolo.

Back at the battlefield, Tien and the Saibaman engage in combat, and Tien downs the Saibaman in one swift hit. Vegeta destroys the Saibaman out of pure humiliation, astonishing everyone, even Nappa. The TV crew quits with the chopper and places a camera on a mountain inlet, zooming in right on the battle. Krillin decides to fight next, but Yamcha stops him and says that if he were to die, he couldn't be revived, so to let him go. He says that he'll kill all five of the remaining Saibamen if he has to, and engages in combat. Yamcha and the Saibaman move at ultra-fast speeds, speeds so fast that Gohan can't detect them. Piccolo tells Gohan to observe with his whole body and to sense their energies. Gohan finally locks in and sees them.


Yamcha, moments before being killed by a Saibaman

Yamcha uses a Kamehameha and nearly kills the Saibaman. He thinks that he has won, but the Saibaman jumps up and wraps his body around Yamcha. The Saibaman self-destructs, killing him. Krillin runs up to Yamcha and sees that he is dead. On television, Bulma and Puar see that Yamcha is dead, and both are heartbroken. Krillin begins to summon up his Ki in order to destroy the remaining Saibamen, the same way Yamcha was going to do. He shoots a powerful expanding energy blast that kills three Saibamen, but the last one jumps at Gohan. Piccolo grabs its arm, throws it into the air, and destroys it with a breath blast.

Nappa and Vegeta emerge unharmed from the blast and Nappa steps up to fight, and powers up.

Major events

  • Yamcha is killed by one of the Saibamen.
  • All six of the Saibamen are destroyed.


"It looks like you got a hold of a weak batch there Nappa."
— Vegeta (to Nappa)

"Don't try to focus on anything. Let your eyes go out of focus and try not to blink. Remember you're not trying to see their bodies, but the light that the energy in their bodies gives off."
— Piccolo (to Gohan)


  • Various shots of Yamcha's lifeless corpse being shown on the TV screen are painted over to show an empty crater.
  • A scene with Master Roshi touching Bulma's rear end is cut.