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The Terrible Mystery (恐るべき謎, Osorubeki Nazo; lit. "Fearsome Mystery") is the four hundred forty-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Spopovich and Yamu are flying off with the energy stolen from Gohan, knowing their master, Babidi, will be pleased, now that Majin Buu can be revived. Shin is in pursuit, not far behind.

Back at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Videl is checking on the still fainted Gohan. Goku is ready to follow Shin, but Vegeta stops him, reminding him they still have a duel to fight. Goku promises he'll give Vegeta the fight he wants later and Vegeta tells him that he only has 24 hours to be on Earth and Goku suggests to Vegeta that he should come with him and, then goes to check with Kibito, who says they'll follow as soon as he helps Gohan recover. Piccolo and Goku fly off as well, with the annoyed Vegeta following. Krillin tells Android 18 that he's going with them, but Android 18 refuses to follow, saying there's no money in it.

In the ring, Kibito uses his healing technique on Gohan, restoring enough of his energy for him to regain consciousness. Kibito then flies off to catch up with Shin. Gohan is ready to follow, but Videl asks if she can come to. Gohan agrees, but makes her promise to pull out if it gets dangerous. Gohan and Videl then take off, much to the shock of Hercule.

Piccolo, Goku, Krillin and Vegeta catch up with Shin and Goku asks if they are lending a hand to help Shin defeat Spopvich and Yamu, but Shin tells them no and Shin finally tells his story; long ago, in the beginning of humanity, far across the universe lived an evil warlock called Bibidi, who created a terrible monster named Majin Buu. Five Supreme Kais fought against him, but four were killed by Buu. Bibidi, however, couldn't control Buu, and eventually had to seal him away.

He brought the sealed Buu to Earth, where Shin took advantage of the opportunity and killed Bibidi. They thought it was the end, since only Bibidi knew the spell to release Buu. But it turned out they were wrong, as they later found out that Bibidi had a child, Babidi, who was just as terrible as his parent...

Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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