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The Truce is Broken! The Defense Force Strikes Back at Cell! (「破られた休息!防衛軍、セルに総攻撃」 Yaburareta Kyūsoku! Bōeigun, Seru ni Sōkougeki, lit. "An Interrupted Rest! The Self-Defense Army, Launches a General Offensive Against Cell") is the eighty-fifth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date was December 12, 2010. Its American air date was November 2, 2011.


As Piccolo has completed his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Vegeta takes his place, Goku and Gohan are spending their days relaxing at home. Meanwhile, Earth's Military attempts to launch an offensive strike against Cell, but they are completely wiped out.


Cell flying up to space

Hearing about this over the radio, Goku asks Piccolo if it is possible to separate with Kami, so he can use the Dragon Balls to revive all the people Cell killed (as they disappeared since they fused together). Since Piccolo can not separate, Goku theorizes that he can convince another Namekian to stay on Earth and create a new set of Dragon Balls, and goes to find King Kai so that he can find the Namekians.

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