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Cell and Cell Jr. prepare a team Kamehameha attack

The True Ultimate Android is one of the five what-if saga in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. The protagonist of the saga is Cell, and it revolves around him trying to defeat the Z Fighters and become the ultimate android. This saga is unlocked after beating the saga The Ultimate Android.


The Red Ribbon Army scientist Dr. Gero has created the ultimate android, Cell, by the cells of the strongest fighters of the world.

Cell confronts Future Trunks, who has revealed his true power, and defeats him. Next, he confronts Vegeta, who he manages to defeat. Next, Cell holds the Cell Games to challenge the Z Fighters. Goku is first, and Cell manages to defeat him. Cell reaches his Super Perfect form and confronts Gohan. He manages to defeat him with a Spirit Bomb.

Afterward, Cell confronts Super 17. He laughs that Super 17, once a part of him, has become the ultimate android. When Super 17 asks who he is, Cell introduces himself as the true ultimate android and tells 17 that his existence is nothing but a mistake. Super 17 tells Cell to get out of his way, as he will be the only one to kill Goku. Cell tells him that he is in his perfect form and Super 17 can not talk to him like that. Cell manages to defeat Super 17, who claims that there is a system malfunction. Cell tells Super 17 that he will be the only one to kill Goku.

At last, Dr. Gero has finally killed Goku. However, his research did not end there. Instead, Gero begins to gather more cells from the strongest fighters of the world.



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