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The Two Little Warriors (ふたりの小さな超戦士, Futari no Chīsa na Sūpā Senshi; lit. "The Two Small Super Warriors") is the four hundred thirty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Videl is taken aback by the power of the people she just saw. Since Vegeta destroyed the punch machine, the preliminaries are delayed until a new punch machine is brought in. Goku and Vegeta decide to head to watch the youth division, since their sons will be fighting in it. As they head that way, Gohan introduces Videl to the other members of the Dragon Team. Videl is shocked that Gohan knows them, but Gohan explains that one of them is his dad, and that he meant what he said when he explained his father was dead.

Over at the Tournament Ring, things are getting set up for the World Martial Arts Tournament Junior Division. The winner not only receives prize money, but a chance to fight with Hercule. Hercule charges the ring for a dynamic introduction, but slips, bashing his head against the ring. He quickly, however, plays it off as a joke for the crowd.

In the waiting area, Trunks is getting trash-talked by his opponent, Laem. When their battle begins, however, Trunks easily knocks out Laem with one kick. Krillin notes that this part of the Tournament is going to be so boring until Trunks and Goten ultimately face off in the finals.

Volume 36: The New Generation
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