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The Winner! (「少年の部」勝者決定!, “Shōnen no Bu” Shōsha Kettei!; lit. "The “Boys Division” Winner is Decided!") is the four hundred thirty-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The battle between Goten and Trunks continues. Trunks challenge Goten, boasting he could beat him with one arm. Goten accepts the challenge, telling Trunks he can't use his left arm. Trunks accepts and charges in, and their fight resumes. Goten land a powerful blow on Trunks' face, but Trunks counters with a Ki Blast, which Goten jumps over and flies way up into the air.

Trunks wonders what Goten's going to do, but soon finds out as Goten begins flying back down at high speed. Trunks catches on, and dodges out of the way at the last second, so Goten will hit the ground. However, Goten hits the ground with his hands, redirecting his momentum to launch himself at Trunks. Trunks, taken completely by surprise, reflexively transforms into a Super Saiyan to fly out of the way, then uses his left hand to hit Goten in the back with a Ki Blast, launching Goten towards the stands.

Goten desperately tries to stop himself, but the soles of his feet touch the stands. The World Tournament Announcer sees this and declares it a Out of Bounds for Goten, meaning Trunks wins the match. Goten jumps back down and yells at Trunks for cheating by going Super Saiyan and using his left arm, but Trunks tells him that Goten had went Super Saiyan previously, so that makes them even, and that he didn't use his left arm to actually hit Goten.

Goku is amazed that Trunks can turn Super Saiyan too, and Vegeta mockingly consoles him, saying his son comes from better stock. Goten is still sulking, but Trunks buys Goten off with his choice of any three of Trunks' toys. With Trunks as the winner of the Junior Division Tournament, he now gets the right to battle with the Champion, Hercule, much to Hercule's chagrin.

Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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