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This article is about Dragon Ball chapter 472. For Dragon Ball chapter 479 that also goes by this name, see "The Zeta Sword (second manga chapter)".

The Zeta Sword (ゼットソード, Zetto Sōdo; lit. "Z Sword") is the four hundred seventy-second chapter in the Dragon Ball manga.


Gohan turns Super Saiyan to try and pull out the Zeta Sword

Volume 39: Boo Unleashed
The Djinn Awakens?! · Can This Be Boo?! · The Menace of Boo · Terrifying Power · Vegeta vs. Boo · Boo Gets Mad · The Mastermind's Demise · Farewell, Proud Warrior · Back to the Nightmare · A Slim Hope · Bobbidi's Revenge · A Time of Trial · The Zeta Sword