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The Thief Boy (コソ泥の少年, Kosodoro no Shōnen) is an unnamed child who appears only in the anime, in Dragon Ball episode 30, "Pilaf and the Mystery Force".


Thief taking goku's things

The young thief running off with Goku's things

The boy attempts to run off with Goku's clothes, Power Pole, and his other belongings, but Goku makes the Power Pole extend and it scares the thief, so the boy runs off with Goku's Dragon Radar only. The boy sells the Dragon Radar at a pawn shop, with the Antique Shop Owner paying him only 10 zeni for it. Goku chases the boy and manages to catch him, because the boy is very smelly and Goku remembered his odor. The boy confesses he sold Goku's Dragon Radar at a pawn shop.

Appearances in Video Games


The monkey that replaces the thief

In the Nintendo DS game Dragon Ball: Origins 2, he is replaced by a monkey.

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