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Resurrection F scene cut?

  • I saw a clip from the Japanese version of the film that basically re-enacts one of my favorite scenes from Goku and Frieza's fight on Namek, where Frieza wraps his tail around Goku's throat in an attempt to champagne cork him, and Goku bites Frieza's tail.

    Having seen the English version in theaters and gotten its DVD, I do not remember that scene. Did I just miss it somehow (I don't think I would have forgotten it) or did they cut it out? If so, why would they do such a thing?

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    • Well there was something similar when ssjb goku and golden frieza was underwater. frieza was trying to drown goku by wraping him with his tail. but goku kept kicking him in the face to make him let goku go. and frieza blasted him in the face.

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    • I remember that part

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    • I predict someone will find the answer after this page is archived, disabling commenting, in which case, tell me on my talkpage/message wall (whichever this wiki uses)

      I think it's just another way of showing the tail subtheme of DBZ diminishing, I was half-expecting Frieza to not have a tail at all in this one. Remember in Season 1 when Saiyans had tails that played a part in their transformations, Frieza has many tail techniques, and Cell massacres people by absorbing them with his unique scorpionlike tail? That all ended as soon as Cell absorbed Android 18

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    • him biting golden frieza's tail was only in dragon ball super's version of ressurection "F"

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    • A Fandom user
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