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A descendant of the Three-Eyed Clan, Tien Shinhan

The Three-Eyed Clan (三つ目族, Mitsume-zoku), also called Triclops,[1] is an ancient group of three-eyed beings from which Tien Shinhan is descended from.[2][3]


While one of their descendants, Tien, makes regular appearances in the Dragon Ball franchise, the actual members of the Three-Eyed clan never appear in the series. The Three-Eyed clan is first mentioned in the Daizenshuu books,[2][3] and later in the small description booklet in the boxes for Dragon Ball Z Season 1 and Dragon Ball Z Season 4 DVDs, both mentioning that Tien is a "Descendant of the Three-Eyed People". Tien's origin is also referenced in the Dragon Ball: Raging Blast what-if story "The Top Earthling Tournament" where, after defeating Tien for the title of "strongest earthling", Krillin asks if Tien is even from Earth. Tien's profile in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 mentions the Triclops as being an alien race.

Racial Abilities

Tien using the Four Witches

Tenshinhan growing extra arms from his back

Daizenshuu 4 mentions that Tien has a unique physical composition as a throwback to his ancestors. He uses techniques that are impossible to think of being those of a regular Earthling, such as growing arms from his back or splitting into four people[2] (the latter is more likely just a rare trait in Humans, as Krillin is also able to split into multiple people in Dragon Ball Z). He also possesses t
Tien powering up

Tien powers up

he ability to move each of his eyes independently, allowing him to look in multiple directions at once; this appears to enhance rather than compromise his vision like it would in real life, considering that he uses this talent while seeing through Master Roshi's and Goku's Afterimage Strike.


  • In popular culture, the third eye is from becoming enlightened (like the Hindu god Shiva). The fact that, despite being a descendant of the Three-Eyed Clan, Tien was not born with his third eye is supported in the series in the video game Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, which states that Tien's third eye was achieved through deep meditation when the player scans the friendly Tien NPC with the scouter.
  • Tenshinhan being a descendant of the Three-Eyed clan is a reference to the character Sharaku, who is also a descendant of an ancient race of three eyed humans in Osamu Tezuka's 1974 manga The Three-eyed One. The three eyed physical characteristic is also that of the character Erlang Shen from Journey to the West, which Akira Toriyama used as a prototype when he began creating the Dragon Ball manga series.
  • Other three-eyed creatures in the Dragon Ball franchise include a female Zombie shown in an Other World café,[4] and Ozotto the final boss of the arcade game Dragon Ball Z: V.R.V.S..


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