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Tien Goes All Out!! is the nineteenth episode of the Saiyan Saga and the nineteenth overall episode of the Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.



Tien dies from exhaustion

Krillin and Piccolo both split, but are still no match for Nappa. Nappa pummels them into each other, causing them to fuse back into one being each. Piccolo glances down at Gohan in disappointment. Gohan sees Tien Shinhan struggle to get up, and runs to his side. Tien summons all of his ki. He launches his trademark Tri-Beam at Nappa, astonishing everyone with its enormous power. The beam connects, but ultimately does no harm to Nappa. Tien falls to the ground, dead. Krillin screams for Goku, as he is their last hope.


Piccolo and Krillin fight Nappa while using the tri-form technique

Piccolo and Krillin are Nappa's next targets, but they move to the ground when they notice he extreme advantage in aerial combat. Nappa flies at them, but stops dead in his tracks when Vegeta tells him to stop. He asks Piccolo and Krillin if the "Goku" they speak of is actually Kakarot, and they tell him that he is. Vegeta says that they will wait three hours for Goku if they believe he is that strong. While Nappa's impatient nature can't stand to wait three hours, Gohan gets grief from Piccolo and sympathy from Krillin for his poor performance earlier.

Major events

  • Tien dies, as a result of using up his energy.
  • Vegeta comes to the realization that Goku is Kakarot.


"Looks like i'm back in the saddle, what luck. This three-eyed cowboy is going for one last ride!"
— Tien (to himself)

"Darn! i thought those guys would be tough, but they're just a bunch of wimps with their little toys"
— Nappa (to himself while fighting Earth's military)


  • Piccolo tells Gohan "It hurts, doesn't it? Facing your fears would have been less painful." In Episode 251, The Old Kai's Weapon, this line will later be reused by Super Buu after absorbing Piccolo.
  • It is revealed in this episode that though Nappa looks more intimidating than Vegeta, Vegeta is the stronger of the two.
  • This is the only time that Tien dies from using up all his energy (he comes close during the Perfect Cell Saga.)
  • This episode marks the beginning of Vegeta calling Goku by his Saiyan name. Vegeta will use the name Goku twice in the Garlic Jr. Saga, and once in the Trunks Saga (to clarify to Future Trunks that Goku is Kakarot).
  • Nappa is heard saying "I hope you Navy boys like to swim!" after blowing up their ships. This could be an attempt by FUNimation and Saban to imply that they survived.
  • The footage of Nappa destroying the airplanes was used in the Main Title opening sequence, and is notably the only footage used that came from an actual episode, rather than a movie.


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