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Tien the Almighty The Ultimate Multi Form Attack! is chapter 3 of the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. It covers the game's mission 5, and depicts some of the events of Tien Shinhan's training during the three years before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.


Master Roshi asks Tien what he will do now. Tien is unsure and wants to find the meaning of Martial Arts. Master Roshi states that Master Mutaito once sealed an evil spirit in a northern mountain range. Tien sets out to find the seal, hoping to find power that will make him greater than Goku. Once Tien is inside the cavern where the seal is located, he meets up with Chiaotzu, who states that the power is evil. Tien moves into the cavern anyway. After locating the seal, a mysterious voice states that if the seal is broken, the voice will grant Tien massive power. After Tien breaks the seal, the voice, which turns to be the evil spirit who haunted the northern mountain range, turns back on the promise he made to Tien. Chiaotzu suddenly walks in, but gets possessed by the evil spirit. Tien tries to destroy the evil spirit residing in Chiaotzu, but all his attacks are dodged. Then, the spirit of Mutaito awakens and tells Tien that he has the speciality of having three eyes, and then states he can divide himself into four and attack the spirit at once. The spirit immerges from Chiaotzu. Tien attacks the spirit and finds an electric rice cooker that could be used to capture enemies once he had re-sealed the spirit. Tien returns to Master Roshi. Roshi asks if Tien had solved the mystery of the meaning of Martial Arts. Tien states he hasn't, but he knows one thing: it is used for the protection of the people.

New enemies



  • Chiatzou
  • Evil Flame

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Divine Crossing