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Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao (殺し屋桃白白の逆襲, Koroshiya Taopaipai no Gyakushu) is the fourteenth episode of the Piccolo Jr. Saga and the one hundred thirty-sixth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on November 30, 1988.



Tien and Cyborg Tao prepare to fight

The match between Tien Shinhan and Mercenary Tao begins. Master Shen is in the audience cheering for his brother Mercenary Tao. Tien seems to be a lot stronger than Mercenary Tao and tries to escort him out of the ring until Mercenary Tao takes off one of his cybernetic hands revealing a knife. The World Tournament Announcer tells Tao that he is disqualified for using a weapon, but Mercenary Tao does not listen. He wants to kill Tien for deciding to join the Turtle Hermit's students.


Tien defeats Tao with one punch to his stomach

Tien breaks the knife, so Mercenary Tao takes off his other hand revealing a cannon for his Super Dodon Wave. Mercenary Tao shoots the Super Dodon Wave at Tien. Tien survives the ray easily by being able to destroy it. Tien punches Mercenary Tao in the stomach then gives Mercenary Tao to Master Shen with the order to never bother him again. Master Shen and Mercenary Tao leave the World Martial Arts Tournament saying that the Turtle Hermit and his students will not die in peace. Meanwhile, the match between Goku and "Anonymous" is about to begin.


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Brief summaryThe Tournament gets underway, as Tien Shinhan battles his former mentor turned cyborg, Mercenary Tao. Tensions run high as the former assassin attempts to take Tien down, permanently!
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