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"Throughout the entire world there exist but a very few people capable of skipping through time. "
— Galactic King explaining the technique

Directory: Techniques

Time-Skip (時とばし, Toki-Tobashi) is the signature technique of Hit and a technique that very few people can learn and master.


Time-Skip is a technique where the user stops time for a tenth of a second and in that limited time, they are able to move freely. If the user of this power has incredible speed, the user will have a greater advantage over his or her opponent. When Hit uses this technique, to outside observers, he disappears the moment he uses it and reappears somewhere else. Goku is able to become immune to the Time-Skip entirely using Super Saiyan Blue in the manga. In the anime, he combines Super Saiyan Blue with the Kaioken times 10 to overcome his time-skip until Hit improved the time-skip again.

In the anime Hit improved during the battle, and is able to surpass the tenth of a second limit and upgrade the technique to one-fifth of a second, then eventually half a second while fighting Goku. Goku managed to become immune to its effects using Super Saiyan Blue: Kaio-ken. This, however, pushes Hit to further evolve his ability to freeze someone who can move in his Time-Skip.

Game appearances

It is his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


  • Both the Galactic King and Jaco are shown to be aware of the existence of this technique. As it allows the user to manipulate time, it is technically a violation of galactic law, however Jaco decides to overlook it in light of Hit's power and reputation, due to being concerned for his own safety. Presumably, the Galactic King also overlooks it for similar reasons.

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