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"Create a space that limits your opponent's movement. Be careful; this move leaves you vulnerable."
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse in-game description

Time Bullet is a restraining technique used by Demon Scientist Towa in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.


The user creates a spherical space of magical energy around the opponent restraining and damaging the opponent, but leaves the user vulnerable to attack.

Appearance in games

Time Bullet first appeared in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse as part of the GT Pack 2 DLC. It is one of Towa's Super Skills and can be obtained by the Future Warrior as a reward in the DLC Parallel Quest event: "Insidious Plot".

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Time Bullet returns as a Super Skill which can be obtained by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) by purchasing it from the Skill Shop after defeating Kid Buu in the main story.

The attack is called Hell Ballet (ヘルバレット) in Dragon Ball Heroes.